Corona Update Guatemala Jul 2021 (English)

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Recent articles spotlighting the region have presented the exceptional challenges of school closures and slow vaccine rollout. Latin America is facing the longest closure of schools of any region in the world, and 100 million children in the region continue in some form of distance learning.  

Unfortunately, across Guatemala we continue to witness high COVID-19 cases, coupled with low vaccination rates. As of late May, it was reported that at current pace, it would take 10 months to vaccinate the next 10% of the population.

Facing the realities of over 16 months of mandated school closures, our staff are more committed than ever to ensure that students have what they need to continue learning and remain focused on their education. We invite you to read more about the current situation around education and the pandemic across Guatemala and Latin America in the following articles: 

New York Times: 1+1=4? Latin America Confronts a Pandemic Education Crisis.

Devex: Why Guatemala’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign is so slow

Aljazeera: Anger grows in Guatemala over COVID vaccine rollout, corruption

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